Save the Sun Bears

They Need Your Help!

Save The Sun Bears

Hello, our names are Isabella and Paris. We're a group of 7th graders and we're trying to make a difference for these poor, endangered creatures!

At the moment, you are probably wondering: Why should I help these kids save the Sun Bears?

I'll tell you why:

People in Southern China capture sun bears when they are just cubs and put them in a small cage, no taller than we are. Then they attach needles and tubes into them, slowly and painfully taking out their bile. These places are called "farms". Then they die of blood loss because the people in China cut off their paws and sell them, or they die because of the rusty nails that are put into them. Also since Sun Bears are the smallest bears in the bear family, and the sweetest, people kill their mothers and keep the cubs to train them as pets, taking them away from thier natural habitats.

We want to help save the Sun Bears.

You can help too.

All you have to do is donate at our donate page today!

Why Do People Kill Sun Bears?

Here are some reasons people kill Sun Bears. Sun Bear bile is used for medicines of all kinds in China. It has been used to cure a range of aliments from fevers to liver disease for thousands of years. People believe that Sun Bear bile can give them eternal youth, but sadly for Sun Bears that doesn't work. The bears are killed for their gallbladder. Most Sun Bears are kept in "farms" where steel catheters are inserted in their gallbladder to take bile.Since Sun Bears habitats are being destroyed, because of the loss of palm oil trees, they go to coconut farms to eat coconuts, where the farmers kill them on sight.

Where Are Your Donations Going?

Your donations will go to many different groups helping Sun Bears.

Some of your donations will go to the Atlanta and San Diego Zoo where Sun Bears are being taking care of. Some of it also will go to Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Center, React-, and It will also go to any other places we can find to help SAVE the sun bears.

Please, go to our donate page and donate today! 

 (Ok look people, I know that no one wants to waste there money and donate right? But I can assure you that you are NOT wasting it and if you really don't have enough money to donate then PLEASE just get the word out for us and help us out PLEASE!!!)


You might not believe us on the true cruelty of people.   You may be a person who is here just to scoff and see how much craziness we're cooking up.   Check out our Photos page for it to be proven:  these things are real and they DO happen.   The cruelties of the world must be taken care of--please help us with our mission.


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Donate! Please help us save the Sun Bears!

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